#WFH – So Now What? – Thurs 2/17, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST

About this Event

What connects these globally recognized companies? 

– LinkedIn 

– Google

– Cisco 

– Dropbox 

– Pinterest 

– Fujitsu 

– Shopify 

– Coinbase 

They have all adopted a ‘remote first’ approach when it comes to their workforce.  That means that they have adapted in the face of the global pandemic to adjust operating models to support their people to work safely and remotely. 

As more organisations see the benefit of happier people, better retention and productivity improvements through flexible, remote first working, the wave of change is no longer on the horizon but lapping at the shore. 

With these changes there is correlation with the increase in the access to jobs for some which previously may have been difficult to access to travel to be physically present in an office.   

This has helped to drive the #bigquit movement as people felt more empowered to leave toxic workplaces in favour of organisations that supports more flexibility, inclusion and innovation. 

So, what next? 
In this interactive 90 minute workshop, Jon Spruce will explore the impact and opportunities that the forever WFH movement has created.  We will discuss the major observable themes and invite you to collaborate and provide your own context to share with the group. 

Guest Speaker: Jon Spruce

From the silos of fast-paced media companies to the huge complexity of large finance and other regulated institutions, change veteran Jon Spruce supports through emphatic and deeply engaging coaching of what good looks like when creating high-performing teams and organisations. 

Jon really knows how cross-functional teams can be created easily and quickly focus on creating innovative solutions and generating ongoing value, in a predictable way. 

Jon is not scared of having difficult conversations but his empathy for people, however senior, means he has a real appreciation for an individual’s context and challenges. This in turn underlines his success in the largest est organisations with substantial regulation and legacy technology. 

Jon’s stories from his journey are full of infectious energy and practical real world experience and underlines the power of team and business agility. 

Whatever your industry, be it risk-averse conservative to fast paced, rapid deadlines, if you want to increase your agility, or further your leadership journey, have a chat with Jon to explore your options. 


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