Using Agile Principles to Manage Organizations – Wed 12/15, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST. (Formerly Scheduled for Oct 20)

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Leaders and managers are working overtime to try and cope with the ever-increasing speed and complexity of business. Since the publishing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, agile was a tool most often related to the managing of software projects. More recently, scholars, consultants, and practitioners have found that when applying an agile approach to the management of organizations, highlighted by visioning the future to decide how to drive the present, putting the customer’s needs above all else, assembling the best talent available, encouraging market research as part of the planning process, and then piloting new ideas and investing in pilots with a high ROI, and disinvesting in those that do not, are at its core and over time, an organization’s portfolio stabilizes and grows. Scholars and consultants have found that this approach outperforms more traditional ways of managing.
This framework, or continuous cycle of strategy making, is what Starsia refers to as ‘Agile Management’ and includes the building a culture of strategy and the continuous feedback of market intelligence into the strategic planning and implementation processes. This is not an episodic activity. Plan, assess, pilot, measure, invest/disinvest >>> Plan, assess, pilot, measure, invest/disinvest >>> and so on.
The main points:
Agile is a way of doing business. A way of thinking an acting. A characteristic of an org, it’s deep within the culture and part of its core values.
This is a framework, not a prescription.
Strategy making is constant, and pervasive and inclusive. It must be supported at the top and part of every meeting and discussion.
Teams needs to be smart. Team members need to share and communicate. Customers need to be involved.
Core values include:
Trust and Professionalism
Commitment to figuring out new ways to work, new products, and new services to improve other’s lives.
Continuous learning and asymmetry.

Guest Speaker: Gerald D. Starsia

Mr. Starsia has been at the University of Virginia for over twenty years in roles including Sr. Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer at the McIntire School of Commerce and the Darden Graduate School of Business. After a successful career as a project manager, program manager, and project executive, and the founder and CEO of a real estate and construction firm specializing in medical design/build projects, Gerry pivoted to higher education and earned a PhD in Higher Education Administration with the goal of applying the lessons learned in the field as a PM and business owner/operator, to researching the application of applying agile principles to the management of complex organizations.

Gerry lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife Marianne.

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