Time to Rethink the Agile Manifesto – We Value Tools and Processes over Individuals over Interactions – Wed 07/21, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST.

About this Event

Agile adoption increased tremendously during the Covid-19 – Great! Making better workplaces, empowering more teams, building better cultures! But is that true?

Organizations are focused on bringing Enterprise coaches, Agile coaches, and scrum masters to help them define processes, support them with using Agile project delivery tools (JIRA, Version One, Azure DevOps) to help them drive Agile.

Guest Speaker: Abrar Hashmi

Abrar Hashmi is the Chief Agile evangelist and Founder of Agile Brains Consulting Inc. He has assisted in value-based delivery transformations in various Fortune 500 companies and spoken at multiple Agile conferences as well. Agile Brains was listed as Top 10 Agile Solution Provider of 2020 by CIO Applications for their customer-centric focus approach to help achieve business agility.

Their award-winning proprietary framework “ABC” starts with an organizational assessment (A) followed by brainstorming (B) solutions with Coaching (C) support to help deliver business value to customers. He has trained thousands of students in over sixty cities and is focused on organizations that embrace a culture of fearlessness and innovation. Abrar holds numerous Agile certifications (SPC, RTE, CLP, ICP-FDO, ICP-IDO, ICP-EPO, ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC, CSM, TBR) and believes in building the new generation of Agile leaders. Abrar was listed in the Drexel 40 under 40 lists for leaders to look out for in 2021.

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