The Future of Hybrid Working – Thurs 2/03, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

About this Event

Distributed working is here to stay, mixing a hybrid combination of face to face and remote elements. After 18 months of a battling through the global pandemic that forced organisations into this new way of working, it is now that organisations globally are thinking about how to transition this distributed working culture to BAU. As Dom Price from Atlassian recently mentioned that the last 18 months were infinitely easier (for the organisation, not necessarily the people!) than the ones we’re about to go into.   

We are in the wild west of this new world, with different organisations and countries experimenting with different paths – the way forward is as yet unclear. Referencing local and international case studies, in our talk we will highlight the internal challenges organisations are facing to transition to a hybrid working model and provide insight into the levers to pull in order to engender long lasting sustainable change.   

We share what tips and practices that have proven to make a difference in organisations to help new talent onboard successfully and to maximise productivity and connection from day 1.  We show you the tools that when used in the right way, will greatly enhance your collaboration and what values organisations need to live to bring them to life.   

Guest Speakers: Christiane Anderson & Stephen Callaghen

Christiane is an experienced IT professional with an over 20-year background in complex project delivery as a Senior Business Analyst, Capability Lead and since 2016 as an Agile Coach in change programs as a coach, trainer and transformation lead. Originally from Germany she has called Australia home since 1995 and lives in Melbourne with her two teenage girls and two beautiful cats.  

Her remote journey started in early 2019 when she did Lisette Sutherlands  “Remote Together Anywhere” course and subsequently started delivering remote training courses as one of her accredited facilitators. 

Since then, she has worked with many local and international companies, mentoring and training teams and leaders to build remote working capability combining it with agile ways of working.  

In addition to her agile and remote skills, Christiane is an experienced organisational and relationship systems coach (ORSC TM) and behavioural personality profiler specialising in creating healthy team dynamics. Her motto is to never stop learning and she is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at university. 

Co-Founding People Over Process with Stephen in 2019, it’s their mission to “Create Outstanding Distributed Teams. 

Since the early 2000s Stephen has been involved with large and small scale ‘agile’ transformations around the globe. Originally coming from the IT development trenches, he has moved into enterprise coaching, training and transformations since moving to Melbourne from his home country of Scotland. 

From the earliest part of his career he has worked within distributed teams and the complexities that it involves. That moved up several notches when he attended Lisette Sutherlands  “Remote Together Anywhere” course (pre-pandemic!) and subsequently started delivering remote training courses as one of her accredited facilitators. 

Since then, he founded “PoP” with Christiane with their mission to “Create Outstanding Distributed Teams” around the world. The next step of growth is the completion of his ICF ORSC Certification (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) delving even deeper into distributed teams and the tools that can help them. 

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