The Future of Agile Coaching Might Look Very Different – And it’s Not What You Might Think – Thurs 1/27, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

About this Event

An agile coach is a person who questions your workflow, your improvements, your adherence to the agile manifesto. Coaches ask questions in order for teams and scrum masters to understand their options and allow them to move forward on the ones that they think are best, even if they are wrong. The nine coaching stances are excellent for the modern-day agile coach.  

Perhaps there should be a tenth coaching stance. 

Steve brings to this discussion many years of both leadership and coaching. In Steve’s last talk,  he spoke about moving a government organization when he had no assistance, no position of power, no executive recognition or understanding, and my only weapon was “influence”. 

Coaches are not there to show the teams fun games or to make daisy chains, we are there to improve productivity for the organization – but in doing so we might make the world a better place for the teams and scrum masters. A world where they look forward to coming to work on Mondays again. To do that, I propose a tenth coaching stance. 

Guest Speaker: Steve Peacocke

Steve brings real-life context with multiple teams, leaders and multiple frameworks. His background spans 30 + years’ successful consulting to international organizations on corporate change with significant experience leading teams from Senior Developer through Development Manager, Program Manager, and on to CIO and Acting COO for 300+ reports. Now Founder and CEO of DragonsArm, an agile training organization based in New Zealand but delivering to multiple international locations. 

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