Sorry, I Cannot Hear You Over My Awesomeness –How Being a Hero Erodes Trust – Wed 10/06, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST.

About this Event

Does your team have ‘trust issues’? Heroes, anti-heroes, and invisible people are three, common team member types that may set a team up for more ‘learning’ than it is prepared to accept. Tim will share his stories about teams he has been part of where the heroes did the heavy lifting, and most members were the supporting cast. As well, he will suggest some points for helping the leader and team influence hero behavior to the benefit of the team.

Guest Speaker: Tim Dickey

Tim Dickey enlisted in the United States Navy after high school graduation. He served on both active and reserve duty for nearly 25 years until his retirement in 2016 where he learned servant-leadership in the crucible. Tim worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, Verizon, IBM, and now Improving Enterprises. He graduated from Florida State College Jacksonville earning an Associate Degree in Art and an Associate Degree in Science (Computer and Information Systems). He graduated from Excelsior College earning a Bachelors’ Degree in Science (Computer and Information Systems) and a Masters’ Degree in Arts (Global Strategies).

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