New, New Normal and the ‘Forever Working from Home’ Generation – Thurs 08/05, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST.

About this Event

Agility implies the ability to be able to respond to change quickly and nimbly. And very few people in the contemporary workforce will be able to remember a bigger change to their working lives than the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, working remotely became the norm for thousands of people across a wide range of industries. In the face of a crisis this size, businesses got “agile” pretty quickly, whether they liked it or not–that is, they learned how to deal with a workforce whose members were no longer physically collocated with each other. And the vast majority did it quite successfully. So now we’re emerging from pandemic isolation and facing the much-talked-about new normal. Everybody back to the office, right? Wrong. In this interactive 90-minute workshop, Jon Spruce will explore the top challenges faced by people working from home and the opportunities presented to companies to support and inspire the new normal ways of working.

Guest Speaker: Jon Spruce

Jon Spruce is a Certified Enterprise Coach and Trainer who combines his qualifications and extensive Agile experience with a real-life story full of pivots, challenges, and some real heartache. All combine to make him a strong, effective, sympathetic leader in the transformation process.

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