Membership Benefits

 The Expert Agile Club is a leading community for agile professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative people who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. Our members learn from leading minds in the industry, attend curated gatherings both in person or virtual, and establish lifelong bonds. We believe everyone has an infinite potential, and our mission is to accelerate human unity and progress by bringing together a suite of tools and opportunities that will help you thrive.

Admission into the club is by invitation and invitations are offered a few times every year to a select batch of agile experts and accomplished professionals that have an extensive track record or show growth potential. Existing members of the club also have the opportunity to invite 5 new professionals every year.

Alternatively, if you are interested in joining the club and haven’t been invited by an existing member you can submit a self-referred application that will be considered at the next round of admissions.  

Learn from Leading Minds

Events & Gatherings

The Expert Agile Club partners with leading minds in the agile industry, experts, respected leaders, and highly accomplished individuals to speak and share their knowledge and expertise with our community's members at frequent gathering either in-person at locations all over the world or virtually via webinars. These events are offered for free to all our club members. 


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Certification Classes

We are working hard to establish and negotiate partnerships with agile certification training providers and lock preferential pricing for our community. These classes are offered at below-market price levels to assist our members' growth and professional development. We’re always on the lookout to identify ways in which we can best serve our community and help it reach new heights. 


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Career Services

Resume Review

All our members can benefit from a resume review and adjustments guidance. Career experts and accomplished professionals review the resume and provide feedback and action items to improve its appearance and content.

Career Path Development

Our members can benefit from a career path customized to their experience and level of expertise. They receive assistance from accomplished individuals who work with them to set short-term and long-term goals and identify areas of improvement that align with the member's growth and development objectives.

Coaching & Mentorship

Club members can request participation in long-term coaching programs developed and delivered by our resident coaches. Depending on the length and nature of the programs these sessions can be either complimentary or at a cost. Paid programs are usually long term and require a higher level of time commitment from both the student and the resident coach.


Global Networking


Our community cultivates lasting bonds between diverse groups of passionate members from every corner of the world with the goal of elevating their lives and amplifying their impact. Our members have access to a global network of peers located in over 22 countries and over 500 cities. 

There are 3 primary ways club members can network and grow their global reach – digitally through our LinkedIn social network or by attending our frequent webinars. In-person through physical events and via the dedicated Community engagement team who can introduce you to Club Members and Thought Leaders, send you relevant opportunities and actively promote your endeavors to the rest of the community.

Through our digital platform (web and LinkedIn) Expert Agile Club Members can:

  • Browse and RSVP exclusive events
  • Get daily introductions to club Members
  • Publish and promote original content like articles and videos 
  • Interact with thought leader content


Get in touch and tell us how we may be of assistance