Upcoming Events

Webinar - Scaling Agile & DevOps Practices for Large Industrial Enterprise
Webinar - Humans are not resources, Change my mind (previously scheduled for Aug 26)

– Wed Oct 27, 7 PM EST

As DevOps continues to challenge the status quo and improve business outcomes for software systems, many of the world’s larger enterprises are working to identify how to scale these practices across large, complex systems composed of hardware, firmware, and software. In this presentation, we’ll discuss some guidelines that can be used to leverage the learnings from DevOps and scaled Agile developments.

– Thurs Oct 28, 12 PM EST

People aren’t resources. They’re not objects or things you mine out the ground. They’re not pens, paper, or desks. They’re not chairs in an office. They are people. Every time you refer to them as a resource, you abstract them. This event will be open space, visually supported with Miro, with the crowdsourced flow of conversation across topics surrounding the title, expect a VERY interactive workshop.

Webinar -The Role of Agile in the Future of Innovation
Webinar - Making the Transition to Disciplined Agile

– Wed Nov 3, 12 PM EST

Innovation in most cases could mean a radical leap or transition to something that fundamentally changes the marketplace, organizational culture, people interactions, and the flow of work as we know it. Markanthony is the founder of Agileseventeen LLC and a Sr Lean Agile transformation coach with several years of experience across industry verticals ranging from banking, e-commerce, manufacturing as well as start-up tech companies.


– Wed Nov 10, 7 PM EST

How do we make the transition to DA?

By now you have probably heard about Disciplined Agile, PMI’s approach to both tactical and scaled Agile.

We know that Disciplined Agile is not a framework, but a toolkit that can be applied in many different work environments and can differ based on the context of which you are using it. 

Webinar - Knowing Why the Why is Important
Webinar - Using Agile Principles to Manage Organizations

– Thurs Nov 17, 7 PM EST

Understanding and incorporating the why leads to clear acceptance criteria and definition of done so that we can accelerate.

We will explore how to reach desired outcomes faster with higher quality.

– Wed Dec 15, 7 PM EST

Leaders and managers are working overtime to try and cope with the ever-increasing speed and complexity of business. Since the publishing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, agile was a tool most often related to the managing of software projects.

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