Inner Agility and Adult Development – The Sobering Truth – Thurs 04/08, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST.

About this Event

The concept of Agile – what it is, how to grow it, where it is useful, what the necessary preconditions are, has expanded rather dramatically over the last 25 years. Late adopter organizations may still be stuck at the “how” of Agile – the process, what the hands of the people on the ground need to do differently. But organizations that have been at it for a longer time, the ones reaping the true benefits of Agile, have realized that the tentacles of agility reach into every part of the organization, every single person, the entire way of doing business. Their leaders have come to realize that power and control are used and distributed differently, that the organization needs to function, strategize, plan differently. And these leaders are bringing about the changes.

If you are interested in what enables the bold actions of these rare individuals, why it is possible for some and not for others to make the changes, join me for a light foray into the world of adult development. And be prepared to examine your own beliefs and expectations.

Guest Speaker: Antoinette Coetzee

Antoinette Coetzee is an ex-software developer that took a detour through academia to end up in the world of coaching. Her focus is growing agility in leaders across the organization. She is a coach of Agile coaches and develops coaching and facilitation skills at both the Team and Enterprise level internationally. She is the founder of Centre for Agile Coaching, based in Cape Town, South Africa, and member of both Team Catapult faculty in the US and Adventures with Agile faculty in the UK. She is a certified Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) and loves working with systems in conflict.

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