Humans are not resources, Change my mind (previously scheduled for Aug 26) – Thurs 10/28, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST.

About this Event

People aren’t resources. They’re not objects or things you mine out the ground. They’re not pens, paper or desks. They’re not chairs in an office. They are people. Every time you refer to them as a resource, you abstract them. You make it easier to dehumanize them and think of them as less than, to be thought of as disposable, just avatars on a screen rather than beating hearts behind the laptop. With the word resources, it’s so ingrained, it’s so entrenched into this language, so people do it without intending to. People often do it without meaning it in a negative way. And to be honest, the word itself isn’t the issue, it’s how people actually behave and how they treat people that matters. This event will be open space, visually supported with Miro, with the crowdsourced flow of conversation across topics surrounding the title, expect a VERY interactive workshop.

Guest Speaker: Chris Stone

For eight years now Chris has been fostering an environment for success of high-performing teams and organisations through agility. He has worked across a wide range of industries and with some of the largest organisations in the world, as well as with smaller, more lean enterprises.
As the Virtual Agile coach, he intends to enable frictionless innovation, regardless of location. He is therefore a firm believer in enabling agility whilst working virtually. He is constantly challenging the status quo, being a ‘pirate’ and rebelling for good cause and in topics he is passionate about.

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