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The Expert Agile Club partners with various industry experts, respected leaders and highly accomplished individuals to speak and share their knowledge and expertise with our community's members. These events are free for all our club's members. 

July 13, 7 PM EST - Webinar - "Building the Million Dollar Agile Team"

Greg Mester of 5amMesterScrum is an Agile Cheerleader, Trainer, Coach, Scrum Master, Keynote Speaker, and Entrepreneur working together with people and organizations, large and small, to help them bring about what they want in life and business. Greg loves getting teams to work at an enjoyable, sustainable pace, so they have time to enjoy life while producing valuable and timely customer solutions. You can catch him daily on his #5amMesterScrum video and podcast show. He is on about every social media platform with millions of views and 10Kplus connections and is open to connecting and sharing with everyone interested in agile or business. 

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July 14, 7 PM EST - Webinar - Distributing the Human Work to Lower Human Debt

With a background in Psychology as well as Technology, Duena is on a crusade to see lasting change in our VUCA world, to help companies avail themselves of Agile and the new ways of work while eradicating their HumanDebtTM. An international keynote speaker, influencer, blogger and author of “Emotional Banking” and “People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in the Digital Age”, Duena is also the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleNotTech -a company designing a revolutionary team performance enhancing work-tool - the world’s first solution to check and increase Psychological Safety for teams.

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Oct 7, 12 PM EST - Webinar - SCRUM Project Management with No SCRUM Customer: A Real Case (Previously 4/22)

Michele Palladino is a Software Engineer (Master Degree with honour), a certified SCRUM PO, and SCRUM Master. He is attending an Executive Master in Project Management to achieve the PMP certification by the end of this year. Currently, he is working as Development Lead, Product Owner and PM. He has a full stack developer background with the following languages/technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, Java (with Spring and Hibernate), Oracle DB, MongoDB (basis). He has also worked as a tester and RAMS engineer. His work experience covers both consulting and production companies with projects from 2 to 60 developers. 

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