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The Expert Agile Club partners with various industry experts, respected leaders and highly accomplished individuals to speak and share their knowledge and expertise with our community's members. These events are free for all our club's members. 

Jan20, 7 PM EST - Webinar - Enhance communication in Agile Teams with Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)

Toby is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach, and a certified NLP, Leadership, and Executive Coach. He uses his 25+ years of professional experience in IT, Business, and operations management to relate to the needs of his clients and effectively coach them, and help them accomplish their fullest potential and achieve their goals.

He is also certified as a Coach in the areas of NLP, Leadership, Executive, Organizational, Life, and Emotional Intelligence Coach.  He is currently pursuing ACC certification from International Coach Federation (ICF)

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Jan 28, 9 AM EST - Webinar - 17 Dependency Management Hacks to Improve Flow Efficiency​

Ian is a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker on all topics related to Kanban and Agile software development. With over 30 years of hands-on experience, he has a solid track record of helping clients nurture high-performance teams. He makes software development less painful - for the people that build it, and those who use it. Ian has trained and coached hundreds of software development teams in Kanban and Agile techniques. He is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) and Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC).

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Feb 3, 7 PM EST - Webinar - What They Say vs What You Say in Agile Delivery

A Servant Leader and Scrum Master with a wide overview of Agile processes and business analytics merged with progressively responsible experience in Banking, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Healthcare, Insurance, Business Management, Change management, and succession planning. A Strong business analytics professional with a Master in Business Analytics (M.Sc.) from Grand Canyon University GCU. He teaches and mentors on the sides both nationally and internationally. He is currently working on his CTC & CEC badges from Scrum Alliances. He also champions the #AgileIn60Seconds video series on LinkedIn. He is the one and only #Scrum Apprentice.  

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Feb 10, 7 PM EST - Webinar -Emotional intelligence in Leadership and Agility

Jatin is a result-oriented IT professional with over 10+ years of hands-on in Business/Agile Transformation, Direction, Program/Project Management Consulting & Application Development experience.

Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Leading, Planning, and Executing various types of programs/projects from inception to development to implementation to transition to transformation to support while demonstrating abilities in the execution of numerous multiple IT projects.

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Feb 11, 7 PM EST - Webinar -The Agile People Coach, an alternative career path for HR and Managers

Pia-Maria is the author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees) and Agile People Picture book and together with 34 Agile People Trainers the book Agile People Principles. She is also the founder of Agile People, which is a global network of people who work to improve workplaces by helping HR and leaders to attain an agile mindset for the future of work by using agile tools, methods, values, and principles

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Feb 17, 7 PM EST - Webinar - An Agile Coach's journey in helping a Government Department's move to Agile

Steve brings real-life context with multiple teams, leaders, and multiple frameworks. Steve's background spans 30 + years’ successful consulting to international organizations on corporate change with significant experience leading teams from Senior Developer through Development Manager, Program Manager, and on to CIO and Acting COO for 300+ reports. Now Founder and CEO of DragonsArm, an agile training organization based in New Zealand but delivering to multiple international locations.

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Feb 24, 7 PM EST - Webinar - Diversity and Inclusion- Impact Over Virtue Signaling​

Larry Apke has been working in software development for over 20 years with the last 10+ years involved with agile software development. His current "day job" is with Pacific Gas and Electric as an Expert Scrum Master helping data science teams as they figure out innovative ways of providing safe and clean energy. Outside of his "day job", Larry is Co-Founder and Chief Agile Officer for The Job Hackers, a nonprofit organization that has trained hundreds of people in career transition for free. A thought leader and a frequent speaker at agile software events. He has two books on agile software development, over 100 blog posts, podcasts. He has worked with many CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, etc.  

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Mar 18, 9 AM EST - Webinar - Why All Attempts to Improve Estimation Have and Will Continue to Fail!

Vasco wants to transform product development organizations into product business organizations. He does that by focusing on the work of the product development teams on the end-to-end life-cycle of their products. From Concept to Cash and Back! Product Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Director, Agile Coach are only some of the roles that he has taken in software development organizations. Having worked in the software industry since 1997, and Agile practitioner since 2004.

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