Embracing the Resistance to Change – Thurs 04/01, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST.

About this Event

Agile transformations fail for many reasons. Surprisingly, failure often has nothing to do with agile itself. We’ve all heard “resistance to change” and “lack of senior leadership buy-in” being cited as reasons for failure, so what’s your plan to deal with this? Agile itself doesn’t have the right answers needed to overcome these failure points. We must look elsewhere.

In this talk, we will explore why these common transformation failure points might arise, how to identify them, and how we can use change and behavioural models to overcome them.

Guest Speaker: Nabil Zawadi

Nabil Zawadi is an independent agile coach and delivery consultant that helps organizations succeed and realise outcomes earlier through ways of working that are tailored to their context and needs. He helps leaders and teams build the right culture that enables them to build amazing products. Nabil has spent 10 years working in industries such as publishing, telecoms, government, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and technology. His passion for agile has led him to support the community by organising events, talks, and workshops to help create a more informed community of agilists.

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