Diversity and Inclusion- Impact Over Virtue Signaling​ – Wed. 02/24 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST ​

About this Event

The tech industry does a lot of hand-wringing over diversity and inclusion, but not much has changed. Prior to the pandemic, companies were awash with money, proclaimed to want diversity and inclusion, but the needle has barely moved. If we couldn’t make a dent when things were good, how do we expect to make meaningful change halfway through a worldwide pandemic?
My nonprofit, The Job Hackers, has a very diverse population – over 60% female, nearly 50% nonwhite, and the average age of 43 – yet we cannot seem to get much attention from companies who claim to be “committed” to diversity. Why is this?
Join me as I talk about real systemic changes that would result in real gains in diversity and inclusion. Guaranteed to be honest, thought-provoking, and possibly controversial.

Guest Speaker: Larry Apke

Larry Apke has been working in software development for over 20 years with the last 10+ years involved with agile software development. His current “day job” is with Pacific Gas and Electric as an Expert Scrum Master helping data science teams as they figure out innovative ways of providing safe and clean energy. Outside of his “day job”, Larry is Co-Founder and Chief Agile Officer for The Job Hackers, a nonprofit organization that has trained hundreds of people in career transition for free. Over the years, The Job Hackers has provided over $2 Million of free training through their Agile MBA class. He recently received a prestigious Jefferson Award for his work in the community.

His consulting experience includes time with Oracle, Apple, American Express, USAA, and many other organizations.

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