Design the Perfect Week to Get More Done Using the Slimey Frog Technique – Weds 2/23, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

About this Event

What if I told you that you could flip off the switch off burnout? That you could actually do one thing today that will get you back to loving your work. And never dread a day of work ever again? 

Nada Buhendi’s ultra engaging workshop will leave you feeling energized and excited to dig into your work. You’ll learn a magic formula called, The Slimey Frog Technique that you’ll never forget and can pull out of your pocket when you need at any time. Practical. Fun. 

Learn how you can get work-life balance so: 

– you have increased focus (even on the tasks you always avoid) 

– are at the top of your game 

– wake up before your alarm goes off 

– you no longer fake it til you make it 

And she’ll be sharing with you her template to organize your time and build your PERFECT WEEK. 

Guest Speaker: Nada Buhendi 

Nada Buhendi is the CEO and certified master career coach at Unleashing Your Awesome. Her mission is to help hidden gems & undiscovered leaders overcome imposter syndrome, take their career to the next level, and find true fulfillment. She is a former Agile Coach and Product Manager with 15+ years-experience across companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and Slalom. Nada became a master career coach because she discovered and unleashed her own awesome to learn that her North Star is helping clients who are burned out (like she was) take their career to the next level. You can find Nada at and connect with her on linkedin. 

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– Weds March 2, 7 PM EST

Having spent 15 years in investment banking with Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse and time as a full-time recruiter, Mike has now been focusing for the past 10+ years on providing clients with a feeling of stability, increased confidence, and improved family life from finding a job they love. He enables them to step up their title and compensation.  He helps them pursue long-term stable careers, not just jobs for the moment. He also received his BS from Wharton and his MBA from Columbia University. 

Additionally, Mike works with every type of professional, including retail and institutional bankers, analysts, technology experts, project managers, CFOs, risk professionals, portfolio managers, and many more.  His clients come from over 25% of the Fortune 500, every Wall Street firm, and many startups. 

With his clients, he builds a strategic customized career plan, so they have a very tangible set of activities and objectives. He focuses on career direction, resume, LinkedIn Profile, networking, interview preparation, and so much more. He is also proud to be one of the 26 members of the Columbia University Career Coaches Network and the only one of the 26 with double bulge bracket experience. 


– Thurs March 10, 12 PM EST

Ashutosh is a Senior Industry Professional having 22 years of experience in Coaching, Consulting and Leading Organisation & Agile Transformation. A person who loves to wear the Coaching hat and help teams, entities and organisations find solutions to their complex problems.