Connectedness in Agile – Wed 06/30, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST.

About this Event

What is a common thread shared by both artistic research and new product development methodologies? Join us to find out how Connectedness in Agile has enabled us in our respective domains. We explore “connectedness” from the two distinct perspectives of our speakers, artistic research, and business process. We connected “connectedness” to the Agile framework in this talk. Notions of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations among the actors in both fields are juxtaposed with the Agile Framework. The speakers share the similarities in their respective fields of work and open up the discussion with the audience to explore these further.

Guest Speakers: Seema Winsor & Jyoti Kapur

Seema Winsor is a strategy, operations, and analytics leader with deep expertise in business processes. She enables organizations to optimize their efficiency and scale rapidly by creating sustainable and robust processes. Through expert facilitation, she works with teams to understand and visualize their processes, demystify complexity, identify risks, and support strategic initiatives. Senior leaders rely on her work to leverage existing capabilities for new business opportunities.

Jyoti Kapur on the other hand is a textile designer. She has a doctorate in design. Her research connects the fields of textiles, architecture (spatial design), and interaction design. In her work, she focuses on the olfactory dimension to design spaces and connect the body and the environment through textile/olfactory interactions. Her further research interests are to develop new materials that are relational to the olfactive dimension for spatial experiences that lead to well-being – for humans and the planet.

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