Celebrating the New Abnormal: The Agile Way – Thurs 03/25 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST.

About this Event

We will explore the impact of COVID-19 as well as the ways that organizations can ensure that they thrive in the future through adopting business agility.

The learning objectives are:

  • Was COVID-19 a Black Swan event?
  • What the impact was on the global economy – 2020
  • The predicted recovery in the global economy 2021
  • What are the new forces in the global economy
  • Why did organizations respond so poorly to COVID-19
  • What is the answer to adapting in this rapidly changing world – Business Agility
  • What is Business Agility
  • How will Business Agility mature

Guest Speaker:Myles Hopkins

Myles is the founder and CEO of Be Agile which is a boutique global consulting company that prides itself in guiding and enabling its clients to thrive in a highly disruptive and evolving world. ​

They partner with organizations to imagine and drive adaptive strategies that deliver accelerated and disruptive innovation and time to market. They developed the IMPACT Framework™ to address the disconnect that many organizations experience in connecting strategy to delivery i.e. one group of people working on strategy, with another working on innovation, yet another working on delivery, etc, etc.

It is their mission to support and grow the global agile community and to champion the concept of “one community for all”. On 26 September 2020, they won the award for the Community Organisation category at the World Agility Foundation Awards.

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