10 agile ideas worth sharing

MIT Sloan professor Steven Eppinger makes the case that agile applies not just to software development, but to large-scale systems engineering too. Nearly 20 years into the agile revolution, it’s a given that software development has been inextricably altered by the avid embrace of agile practices. Are large-scale systems engineering initiatives next? Steven Eppinger, professor […]

Estimating on agile projects: what’s the story, what’s the point?

Introduction Before you commission a painter to decorate your home or a mechanic to fix your car, you get an estimate from them, right? You need to know how much it’s likely to cost and how long it might take. It’s just common sense. What does experience tell us, however? How close are those original […]

Agile Practices In The Legal Services Industry

As the legal industry transitions toward mass adoption of mobile apps and voice-activated assistants, even modest technology upgrades have transformed the way legal professionals engage clients. In recent months, we’ve seen new, exciting product updates and rollouts like mobile app questionnaire forms — documents that can be filled out while you stand in line at […]