Heroes of Agility – Weds 2/09, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite Register About this Event In this session you will play a game that you can use to help teach Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. You will team up as a band of adventurers to seek your fortune and battle monsters for gold! The game is fast paced, with no turns. Anyone can […]

Managed Engineering Teams: How to Build a Quality Software Product using Cost-Effective Development Best Practices – Thurs 2/10, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite Register About this Event Money, or lack thereof, is one of the reasons that  software startups can fail. Even with a validated product-market fit, hiring quality technical talent is expensive, especially for multiple diverse skillsets. Managed engineering teams are a cost-effective way to efficiently build and scale your minimum viable product […]

The Future of Hybrid Working – Thurs 2/03, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite register About this Event Distributed working is here to stay, mixing a hybrid combination of face to face and remote elements. After 18 months of a battling through the global pandemic that forced organisations into this new way of working, it is now that organisations globally are thinking about how to transition this distributed working culture to BAU. […]

Live Online – Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner – Thurs 1/20, 10:00 AM EST – Fri 1/21, 5 PM EST

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite Buy Tickets Scrum@Scale Scrum@Scale is the scaling framework created by the inventor of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland. From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, Scrum@Scale® transforms organizations into Agile enterprises. Scrum@Scale naturally extends the core Scrum framework to deliver hyper-productive results across industries and disciplines. This includes software, hardware, services, operations, and R&D. […]

#WFH – So Now What? – Thurs 2/17, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite Register About this Event What connects these globally recognized companies?  LinkedIn  Google Cisco  Dropbox  Pinterest  Fujitsu  Shopify  Coinbase  They have all adopted a ‘remote first’ approach when it comes to their workforce.  That means that they have adapted in the face of the global pandemic to adjust operating models to support […]

HumanDebt™ – What is it and Why it’s More Dangerous than Technical Debt – Thurs 1/6, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST

https://youtu.be/ASkdC6fm4I4https://youtu.be/L5DGgusnVlEAbout this Event A discussion about the importance of empowered teams doing the people work first even before delivery and operational work so that they can become and stay Psychologically Safe and therefore highly competitive. There are practical things that teams can and should do at their own “bubble level” so that they stimulate positive behaviours and inhibit negative behaviours that hold them back and in this […]