Agile Transformation: The Dos and Don’ts – Weds 5/18, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

About this Event

Agile Transformation is a hot ticket item for most organizations in the global marketplace as they continuously seek new ways to design, develop and deliver products as well as services that meet customer demands on time and sustain their market presence. This webinar aims to explore and uncover some best practices needed to have a successful transformational roll out across the enterprise that drives sustainability, growth and opportunity in the global playground. 

Guest Speaker: Markanthony Akem

Markanthony is the founder of Agileseventeen LLC and Sr Lean Transformation Coach. He has had a long and rewarding career full of rich experiences in Agile software development, business analysis, and systems design, Design thinking, Lean agile transformation and Merger & Acquisitions. 

He sees change as an inevitable evolutionary force in any business’s life cycle. It is why he has dedicated his life to being an active agent of change. 

Through his efforts, he successfully implemented multi-million-dollar solutions across various industries. These solutions transformed the strategic outlook and market position of numerous fortune 500 companies. 

His dynamism is a result of the various environments that he has thrived in throughout his life. Born in England, he spent most of his life in Nigeria where he was awarded a degree in Economics from Ebonyi State University. His journey continued in the United States, where he received a graduate degree from the University of Phoenix. Graduating in among the top students of his class, Markanthony has and continues to display immense academic and transformational acumen. He holds multiple agile certifications in SAFe, Scrum, Communications and Leadership from various institutions. 

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