Agile Training (Ironically) Isn’t Agile – and It Stalls Your Transformation – Weds 5/11, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

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Big batches, push-based and ill-timed are words we use to describe systems that are in need of lean improvements. Well, that’s how agile training has historically been done. It’s time for a new approach. One that scales quickly, is delivered in small batches, just in time, and pulled by the learner. 

Guest Speaker: Mike Lyons

It just shouldn’t be that difficult to get people a basic understanding of agile foundations. We are part of the problem. Agile training historically (and ironically) isn’t agile. As a professional online coach, trainer, and facilitator with over 3 decades of IT experience, Mike brings passion, energy, and enthusiasm to the world of online agile training, based on proven work in the field. He has taught thousands of people the ways of agile, all over the world and takes an agile approach to all things. 

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