Agile Mindset and Emotional Intelligence, Is There a Link? – Weds 6/29, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

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How many times have you heard the phrase; “The key to hyper-performing Agile teams, is the mindset, not the process”?  And then thought; “OK, sounds right, but what is this mindset really and how do I identify it, let alone change it?”  Over the past 15+ years, Carl has been on a quest to discover its true meaning.  At first, it was like the proverbial Don Quixote windmill, it remained a bit ambiguous until he began to be introduced to ideas outside of the Agile spectrum. The clues seemed hidden in the organizational and individual human psychology realms.  Brain Science!  

Today’s discussion will focus on one of the many discoveries he found in my windmill quest, Emotional Intelligence.  We will quickly explore what it is and why it matters, not just to Agile teams, but to each human being, when they want to achieve better connections with other human beings, or maybe planet Earth and even the universe.  The intent of our talk, will not be to magically teach you everything you need to know about EQ and how it differs from IQ but to just give you a new awareness that I hope will trigger you to go on your quest of discovery into the so-called Agile Mindset, beyond the platitudes that Agile process solutions lead us to.  Yes, it is more than just writing good User Stories… 

Guest Speaker: Carl Shea

Carl Shea is first and foremost just a human being sharing this planet with all of its children. He serves as an Executive & Transformation Coach – Enterprise Agility with Tata Consulting Services (TCS). He specializes in Large Scale Agile & Digital Transformations, with a focus on the evolution of Agile Mindsets in support of the process and practice adoptions of Agility. He is certified in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence coaching, as well as, several Expert level Agile Coaching designations.  Carl truly believes he cannot fix a single thing as a coach, but, maybe; just maybe he can trigger some insight for others to begin a new journey of discovery. 

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