Agile 2: The Next Iteration of Agile – Wed 05/12, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST.

About this Event

The Agile movement took us away from big up-front plans, micromanagement, and projects-by-numbers. Yet it dismissed the importance of leadership, structure, forethought, and individual differences. It defined one-size-fits-all practices, often favoring some styles of work over others, and too often defined by frameworks or methodologies that were pushed in an all-or-nothing way by their most ardent advocates. Despite its technical roots, Agile also quickly devalued the importance of engineering. A fresh start was needed: a start that is informed by the first Agile experiment, but that does not hesitate to make major departures: a new beginning. We call it Agile 2

Guest Speaker: Lisa Cooney

Lisa Cooney currently serves as the Agile Coach at the new media company Axios. She is a co-author of the book Agile 2: The Next Iteration of Agile (2021), and the editor of Evolvagility: Growing an Agile Leadership Culture from the Inside Out, by Michael Hamman (2019). Lisa helps organize the DC Women in Agile (WIA) meetup, is on the program committee for the Business Agility Institute’s conferences in NYC, and speaks at meetups and conferences about Agile 2, cognitive bias, and developmental feedback. She can be found here on LinkedIn.

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